Greenkey Home Improvement and Handyman Services


Provides many Services. If you do not see it here, just ask!:

To-Do List Updating Projects

Install, Repair, Update, Disposal

Storage / Shelving, Organizers, Garden Sheds.

Kitchen and Bathroom / Cabinets, Vanities, Plumbing Fixtures, Exhaust Fan.

Interior / Closet and Passage Doors and Hardware.

Exterior / Entrance Doors and Hardware.

Landscaping / Deck, Fence, Patio or Paver stones,.

Decor / Bathrooms-Kitchens-Bedrooms-Hallways-Stairways

Furniture / Assembly

Painting / Walls, Ceilings, Doors, Windows, Furniture, Cabinets, Concrete

Wallpaper / Remove, Hang, Replace

Picture Frames / Remove, Hang, Replace

Mirrors / Remove, Hang, Replace

Drywall / Install + Repair + Replace


Replace old plumbing with new plumbing under sinks, etc.

Repair slab leaks and plumbing leaks in walls.

Install faucets, vanities, etc.


Add electrical outlets to other walls.

Add new lighting or replace existing lighting with modern fixtures.

Change switched lights to dimmers. Redirect switched to other locations.


New flooring such a tile, hardwood, or laminate.

Flooring repair such as cracked tile, damaged wood, etc.

Flat Rate Services:

Home theater Setup

Consultation and Troubleshooting

Design / CAD Project Design and Floor Plans

Pick-up and Delivery Services

Rubbish Disposal.

Custom creations

Many customers come up with their own ideas of things they want to do in their homes but just dont know where to start. We turn your vision into a reality. If you have an idea, we will put it on paper, then transform it into your custom home improvement. See the gallery for examples.

Anything else

When you are creative and extremely handy, it is tough to list everything that you can do in a home. If you do not see it here, just ask!

Things we do not do:

Install, Repair, Update

Christmas Tree Lights

Garage Doors

Household Appliances

New Exterior Windows

New Front or Side Exterior Entry Doors

All Roofing Projects

Sprinkler Systems

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